Why shoes with lights are preferred most?


In today’s fashion world, shoes are the defining piece which creates a style. Shoes are one among the footwear item to protect and comfort human foot but the design of shoes are varying through time and from culture to culture. Basic sandals with simple straps and model will be sold for low cost whereas those with high fashion designed by famous designers with expensive materials are sold for high cost. Some shoes are also designed for specific purposes and specifically boots are designed for mountaineering. In today’s business world everyone prefers to wear shoes. white hip hop-800x800

The shoes with lights are coming back in a big way. Some of the famous celebrities with brilliant fashion sense prefer to wear shoes with lights. Not only as a stylish fashion necessary but to have a great fun to jump around in and particularly one who likes playing with the slow exposure photography. Light up shoes are good enough to wear for stage performance in front of thousands of people. Light up shoes are great to wear down at club.orphe

scarpe con luci are loved by kids and twenty years back, there were two things needed for the one with the age between eight and fourteen, one is a watch of super Mario brothers 3 or at least to have a convincing tale and another one is to get a light-up shoes. Across United States light-up kids shoes were consider as a status symbol on classrooms and playgrounds.

If your shoes didn’t flash brilliantly then there will be a great chance that your friends will make you feel like a lesser human. The light up shoes of today has come a long way from those blinking shoes that every kids love to wear back in eighties. During eighties the lighting up shoes lights up only when there is a pressure given by the foot and it switch to the light in the sole. LA lights was the first company to start light-up shoes but later on it was vanished because of the mercury health hazard problems with these shoes.

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